Mobdro v2.6.5

MobdroStreaming App MOBRO has been hailed as the new KODI. The application allows users to play videos in various formats. The main function of MOBDRO  is to obtain videos from various sites and make them accessible to users on their mobile devices. Alike KODI, it is a multi-player application that can be used to play music, videos and podcasts. The application can also be used to watch TV shows, films, and sports media.

Features of Mobdro v2.6.5

Mobdro has the following salient features which make it easy to use-
 Mobdro also allows users to share media to their friends and family using various social platforms.
 The application offers two versions to its users, Freemium and Premium version. The freemium version allows using app free of cost whereas the Premium version makes it accessible after undergoing purchase verification. The premium version blocks all the adds that pop up while media streaming.
 Mobdro is a user friendly application and the user interface of Mobdro is quite easy to understand.
 Mobdro is a cross platform application and is compatible for download on Windows, Android as well as Amazon Kindle devices.
 The set time feature of Mobdro makes it the most unique application. The feature can be used to shut the app automatically after the expiry of the time. This helps save battery in case the user falls asleep amidst streaming of any media.
 Mobdro allows users to download videos now and watch them later. Users do not need to register to use the app.
 The connectivity of Mobdro with various social platforms allows users to share media with their friends and family.

How to download Mobdro v2.6.5?

DOWNLOAD- In order to download Mobdro, click on the link given below-

Download Mobdro

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